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Book Cover - Concealed in Sage by Connor Peterson
Part of the Nightbreak series:
Editions:Digital: $ 2.99

A trapped ghost... A grieving mage... A love they didn't expect...

When the loss of his husband plunges Parker Hanlon into a long period of mourning, he uses the thin veil of Samhain to pull himself out. What starts as an attempt to communicate with Oliver from beyond the grave, however, turns into a discussion with a stranger desperate to piece together his final days on Earth.

Xavier Langston took his last breaths during the 1940s. As he's thrust into the present day, into the mages coven he'd once called home, he has to depend on Parker to help recreate the past. Along the way, though, he discovers an attraction to the widower that both men seem to share.

With so much coming between Parker and Xavier, including life itself, it's a wonder that either would think to entertain romance. What makes it possible, though, becomes the same thing that sheds light on how the past and present link together. Love itself cannot die.

Not when it's bound together by magic.

M/M with a slow burn romance, steamy scenes, and a HEA.

Concealed in Sage is a stand-alone paranormal romance novella with a central love story and a who-dunnit mystery. It is the second book in the NIGHTBREAK series, which is connected by a shared universe and mythology.

Publisher: Casual Disaster Press
Imprint: Connor Peterson
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