MM Historical Urban Fantasy

Supernaturals are hiding in Prohibition's seamy underworld. Problem is, not all monsters have fangs.

Three men. One city. Can they learn to share?

Garrett Fitzgerald didn’t ask to be the only son of Patrick “Paddy Fitz” Fitzgerald, but it isn’t all bad. He’s got his looks to get him into trouble and his fists to get him out. Or is it the other way around? He ran off to war five years ago and his family’s gambling business did just fine without him. Then Daniel Sullivan takes over, and Garrett has to come home.

Something isn’t quite right with the Sullivans. Their rise through the criminal ranks of Rochester has been nothing short of charmed, and now they’re the only game in town for importing booze. Getting on their bad side means dealing with Clinton Galloway, which everyone knows is a quick path to a shorter life-span.

Garrett and Daniel both want to keep the peace. When Daniel suggests they could partner in more than business, Garrett has no trouble introducing the young crime-boss to every indecent thing he learned overseas. But there’s a growing mystery that captures Garrett’s attention, and solving it also means uncovering the secret behind Clinton Galloway and the Sullivans’ rise to power.

When crates of liquor go missing, Garrett realizes there’s more going on than vampires and sirens hiding in plain sight. Someone or something has been setting the Sullivans and Fitzgeralds up for war, and that would really put a cramp on Garrett’s love-life.

Redhot Sugar is the first book of a gay poly/harem trilogy. Book one is open-ended, the series will have an HEA. 96,000 words. If you like M/M Urban Fantasy with steamy scenes, characters that jump off the page, found-family tropes, and supernatural creatures who really do eat people, you are in the right place.