lgbt vampire romance

Book Cover: Temptation in Neon
Part of the Nightbreak series:
Editions:Digital: $ 2.99

A trouble-maker... A rule-following vampire... A one-night fling gone wrong...

Danny Turner had sex last night. At least, he's pretty sure that's what happened. When he wakes up with blood on his collar and half-fuzzy memories that have nothing to do with alcohol, Danny goes looking for answers and learns that vampires are actually real. Yesterday he was just a regular guy, someone who paid his bills mostly on time and spent his free nights at clubs hosting the local goth scene. Now he’s trapped against his will and trying to separate fact from fiction about a guy who excites him in ways he never knew he could feel.

Rules are important to Liam since they’ve kept him alive for a few hundred years. Feeding on human blood doesn’t have to mean killing, but it definitely doesn’t mean inviting his food to stay. Sometimes he gets carried away hunting in the crowds that flocked to goth clubs, but dealing with a human who came back to find him after partial memory erasure is definitely a first. It didn’t help that this one was more than just a pretty face.

The two of them are stuck together while they figure things out, but the world of vampires isn't all blood and games. Danny is on a clock to prove to Liam that he’s worth the trouble and he’s not good at keeping his hands to himself. Knowing that every time he feeds from Danny the more his free-will becomes corrupted, Liam will have to find a creative solution that doesn’t result in Danny’s death. He'll also have to convince the other vampires that allowing him to keep Danny doesn't mean he's putting a human life above theirs.

M/M and M/M/TransF with forced proximity, polyamory, steamy scenes, and an HEA.

NIGHTBREAK is a collection of stand-alone novels set in the same world featuring paranormal romance with dark elements.

Publisher: Casual Disaster Press
Imprint: Connor Peterson
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