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Peter Dawes

Peter Dawes is a USA Today bestselling author of dark and historical fantasy, local to the Philadelphia, PA area. While Peter shares his name with the fictional protagonist of the Vampire Flynn books, he assures the reader he is not now, nor has he ever been a vampire. (Any similarities are purely coincidental.)

P.W. Davies

P.W. Davies is the joint pseudonym of authors Peter Dawes and J.R. Wesley, to bring romantic twists to their dark fantasy worlds, both by reimagining their characters in normal, human situations; and bringing their more lustful and heartfelt endeavors into prose.

Reader Reviews

"I got this book after a stellar recommendation by a friend. Boy, was she spot on! Its an exciting read. I have a crush on Flynn. Yes, he's a vampire, yes he's pretty much evil - but in my mind he's annoyingly hot with something redeeming he keeps hidden. At least that's my hope. I love the character development, the way the author describes the blood lust and the steamy parts. I hope to read more of Flynn and tons more of Peter Dawes."
Kelly Kennelly
review for Dark as the Grave
"Ok, so I am 42 years son who is an avid reader told me about this series when it first came out. He and I typically don't read the same sort of books. But, he knew that I liked vampire movies, so why not vampire based books? I read the first one and that was all it took! I am hooked and have read every one in the series, more than once! The moral of my story (review) is that regardless of your age or usual genre of books choices, this is an awesome and exciting adventure."
Melissa R DelCiello
review for Blade of the Slayer
"This was a jaw dropping, nail biting and not your average triads story. The story will intrigue you right from the start. P.W. Davies has a unique way of writing and that uniqueness can be seen in this book. It’s a really well written book with its own style. This book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. It will constantly keep you on your toes with lots of twist and turns, but at the same time will make your panties wet with the way the triads share their passion for one another. Great plot, well developed characters, the most important thing is the evolution of their relationship between the three. It was written beautifully. This book will captivate you from start to finish."
Anisha Kanwar
review for Follow Him Home
"I've been a Peter Dawes fan since the old days, no really, like ten years, and this book is just as awesome as the others. Fun, fast paced, exciting, full of delicious shippy moments, and hair pulling drama as Dawes' signature smorgasbord of vibrant characters get in, as usual, way above their heads. This is a new series, new cast, but has the same feel and universe as the Flynn books. Set way back in the past, like waaaay back before proper toilets and antibiotics, a merc lad with a slain father goes on a revenge quest. But it's not what you expect, not in the least. Give this book a shot."
H. Watson
review for Deathspell

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