Ascendant Series LGBTQ+ Medieval Fantasy
bright flamy symbol on the black background

In 15th century England, royal houses warred, rising aristocrats seized power, and old families ruthlessly defended their lands and riches. It was a perfect world for magicians and mercenaries in this alternate history series from USA Today Bestselling Author Connor Peterson.

At fourteen, Christian witnessed his father’s murder. Handed precious items and told to flee, Christian lived, but part of him would be forever scarred with the memory. 

It would lead him into the life of a mercenary. 

His skills with a sword were enough to earn him a roof to sleep under and food to put in his stomach, but what Christian truly wanted was revenge. Although he hadn’t recognized the man who ran his father through, the murderer had been wearing a red cloak decorated with the image of a circled flame. It was enough to give him hope of finding answers, even if it wouldn’t be easy.

Almost a decade after his father’s death, Christian learns far more than he bargained for. 

Shadowcast cp Cover

No one who knew him would accuse Christian Richardson of being the sort who took the easy road.

Stranded in the Moorlands, Christian finds himself working with a secretive new ally who is more than what they seem. Everyone’s safety will depend on getting the scroll his father had left them as far away as possible.

Between them and their goal is a sect of magicians with a vast network of spies. Some are vicious creatures that make even Christian’s assassin blood run cold, and leave him with no doubt that the Luminaries are both patient and deadly when it comes to dealing with their enemies.

Feeling as though there is always some secret waiting around the corner, he struggles to offer words of comfort while wishing he could receive some of his own. In the wake of life-changing revelations, only two things ring true.

He loves Paolo with everything his has. And life would never be the same.