Crescent Kingdom Series LGBTQ+ Shifter Romance

It was just another day in the coffee shop when Shawn’s world turned upside down. For the waiter-by-day, musician-by-night, the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia was the perfect place to compose. The ambiance was usually more than enough inspiration, but when Edwin walks into the coffee shop for the first time, lyrics and melody seem to come with him. Shy and sometimes strange, Edwin steps cautiously into Shawn’s life. The longer the couple are together, the more Shawn realizes that there’s something more to Edwin, hidden in the mystery of his monthly treks to visit his family outside the city. The secret seems equal parts obvious and impossible, and Shawn knows that once it’s put into words everything about their relationship will change. But every moment Shawn spends with Edwin convinces him that he’ll always love Edwin with all his heart.

Even if he discovers his lover isn’t entirely human.


Shawn became Edwin’s mate last summer, but he wants to make things official. Edwin would do anything to keep Shawn happy and safe, except he broke a few rules for them to be together. When a rival pack starts making trouble, their relationship ends up in the crossfire. Take My Hand is about dedicated friends, bucking tradition, and unwavering love.