Lovers Rush LGBTQ+ Romantic Suspense

A doctor. A lawyer. And a hitman. Love can be dangerous.

When a mysterious man walks into the emergency room, Dr. Peter Dawes could have never expected the turn his life was about to take. Drawn to the enigmatic Christian, he agrees to one date, but the more his former patient reveals about himself, the more Peter wonders if he should take a step away. When he’s introduced to Christian’s other lover, though – the more refined Victor – the charming man provides a counter-balance to Christian’s emotive intensity and adds another incentive to stay. 

Secrets shroud the would-be lovers, but so does the potential of romance with not just one, but two men. Before long, Peter finds himself immersed within an unfamiliar world.

The kind a hitman might call home.


Trust doesn’t come easy when opposites attract.

Before Peter, it was just Victor and Christian, but that doesn’t mean life was simpler. After all, a hitman who breaks the rules can’t exactly tell a straight-laced lawyer what he does for a living. A series of encounters between the two men leads Victor to suspect running into Christian isn’t a coincidence, but that hint of danger is exactly what Victor wants.

What Victor doesn’t realize is the enigmatic, blue-eyed man he’s chosen to explore his bisexuality with has targeted one of his co-workers. As Christian fights his growing attraction to Victor, the deceptions start piling up. The question is, when those secrets come to light, can they trust their hearts to someone with such a different life?

Especially if it means a relationship with a body count.