We’ve got a lot going on this year.

Following up Follow Him Home, the second P.W. Davies novel will debut in April. Title and release date TBA. Pre-orders will be available soon.

The third Deathspell novel from Peter Dawes will release over the summer. Title and date TBA.

Two paranormal romance novellas from P.W. Davies will make their way into digital bookstores, first as part of independent collections put together by two local authors, and then as Crimson Melodies releases later in the year. Dates for the collections and for the single releases TBA.

And, finally, the sixth Vampire Flynn book – Reforged by Death – will be available in September. Release date TBA. Pre-orders will be available sometime in the summer.

In addition to our novels and novellas, there are two other projects that will be announced in the next few months – one has a 2018 date and one that will be published early in 2019. Since we want you to be as excited as we are about them, consider this as a teaser: we expect to have submissions open before May.

Thanks for reading!

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