We’ve got some exciting news!

We’re going to Keystone Comic Con.

And we’re going as a full fledged vendor!

That means no artist alley for us, but it also means that we need a new setup to sell our books. So our team put their heads together and came up with an idea that has been getting a lot of exciting reactions – theming our vendor booth as a pop-up bookstore.

We haven’t ever done something like this before, but we know we can do it. We have amazing friends who have built similar projects, and family to help keep us on track when things might get bumpy. It’s just about having the resources to do it up proper.

So we’ve already paid for the vendor booth – which is AMAZING – and now we’re looking for a little help in doing the bookstore up right.

Which brings us to our kickstarter project.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of kickstarter, it’s the largest crowd funding platforms available today. They’re pretty tough about making sure you’ve budgeted properly, and that you can keep the promises made to the people who give their hard earned money to a project.

We’re confident in what we’re doing, and we’ve gotten the kickstarter approved, so here it is:

Make a Pop-up Bookstore

Live on Kickstarter!

There are plenty of rewards for every kind of reader, so go check it out and share it with your book-worm friends.

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