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from Connor Peterson, the third book in the NIGHTBREAK series

NIGHTBREAK is a collection of stand-alone novels set in the same world, featuring m/m paranormal romance with dark elements. 

Tony loved another wolf, but since their pack was a little “old fashioned” they made a plan to run away together. Bags packed, gas tank full, destinations outlined on a map, and Tony was the only one to show up to their rendezvous. He knew staying meant being unhappy, so Tony took his broken heart with him. Bouncing west, he ends up in San Francisco where he finds out he’s not the only supernatural creature in town. Getting a job at a bar full of those creatures could be the fresh start he’s been hoping for, as long as he can keep his vampire boss happy. There’s also this one waiter who makes Tony smile and might even be flirting with him… and the only downside is that he used to date their boss.

LATEST from P.W. Davies

Take My Hand | book 2 in the Crescent Kingdom: Chambers Pack

Shawn became Edwin’s mate last summer, but he wants to make things official. Edwin would do anything to keep Shawn happy and safe, except he broke a few rules for them to be together. When a rival pack starts making trouble, their relationship ends up in the crossfire. Take My Hand is about dedicated friends, bucking tradition, and unwavering love.

Fresh look from Connor Peterson

DEATHSPELL : Ascendant Book 1

Christian isn’t the naive boy who fled from danger any longer. He has friends. Loved ones. People who can be used as leverage by the sorcerers who murdered his father to get what they want. After a decade of waiting, they aren’t exactly patient. 

But using magic is a feeling unlike any Christian ever dreamed. He might not be able to give it up. The question is how far will he go, and will it be too late to turn back before he has no choice but become a Luminary himself. Because this time, there won’t be any chance to run – only fight, or join.

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